Planning a service to celebrate the life of a loved one can be an overwhelming task. The pastor at Glendale Methodist will do everything possible to make the planning of the service as smooth and simple as possible.
All funeral arrangements are made through our Pastor, Rev. Rich Garner, who can be reached at 818.243.2105.
When you have lost a loved oneā€¦.
Call the church and speak to the pastor or leave a message with the receptionist.
The pastor will try to speak with you as soon as possible and will ask you questions such as:
-With which funeral home are you working?
-What would be a good day and time for the service?
-Would you like to have the service at our church or at another location?
-What would you like for music?
-When can you meet with the pastor to plan the service?
Things to Think About

Before you have your meeting with the pastor,  consider the following in order to make the service more personal and reflective of your loved one:
 -Which songs would you like to have in the service?
-Are there special scripture verses or readings you would like to include?
-Would you like to allow a time for others to share their memories during the service?
-Would you like a photo for the bulletin cover?
-Will you have a Guest Book?
-How many people do you expect?
-What are the stories or memories you would like the pastor to share?
-What are some important dates and events you would like mentioned?
-Will there be a reception afterwards?
-Would you like flowers or donations?
-What names would you like listed in the bulletin as survivors?

One Side Note

When thinking about a time and date for your service, it is best to have a couple of options in order to accommodate the schedules of all parties involved. When you have provided the pastor with possible times for a service, he will consult with the church calendar, the mortuary, organists, soloists, sound technician, custodian and clergy.
We are open to requests if there is someone special you would like to have participate, but we ask that you do not contact them yourself. Please allow the clergy to make all of these arrangements to avoid confusion and miscommunication.
Additional Suggestions

Our church does not provide catering; however, we do have persons in our church who may be willing to cater the reception, for a fee.   The pastor can help you make those arrangements.
Verdugo Florist has  provided beautiful flowers for our church.   They are located nearby at:  1211 W. Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, 91201   818-247-8686