Sermons for Lent

             Clean Heart, Right Spirit

February 14 - "Practice, Practice, Practice

February 18 - "Repent and Believe"

February 25 - "Setting the Mind"

March 4 - "Raising up the Destroyed"

March 11 - "Deeds Done"

March 18 - "Follow and Serve"

Palm Sunday - "Blessed is the One"

Holy Communion will be celebrated each Sunday at 12 noon in the east transept of the Sanctuary.

Lenten Activities

We often think of Lent as a season of giving up something. That's fine, but Lent also can be an opportunity to try something new that can help us discover and experience God in a new way. We invite you to join opportunities during the season of Lent to reflect, dialogue, serve, and give.  

  • Study and Conversation

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  • Prayer

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  • Prayer Through Serving

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  • Music in Lent

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